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Creatine Marketing: Brought to You by the Same Scam Artists of US Loan Auditors, My US Legal, and US Capital Investments

One of the Most Suspicious Marketing Firms Sacramento Has Ever Seen

Creatine Marketing Founders Photo - far left in red: Dan Fleetwood, middle in white: Robert Black Jr, right in Plaid, Jeff Pulvino, far right in black: Jennifer Carr-Mount

Scam artists tend to capitalize on emerging trends, adjusting their strategy according to shifts in consumer activity. Creatine Marketing claims to be one of the best marketing firms Sacramento has to offer.  On the surface, they offer web design and marketing services but internally they are a multilevel marketing scheme driven by their efforts in Visalus, Organo Gold, X-treme Biz, and Solavei. Flashback to 2010 a well-known and sizable company by the name of "US Loan Auditors" was brought to their knees when they were slapped with a $60 million lawsuit by the California Attorney General Jerry Brown, a class action lawsuit, and a lawsuit from Bank of America. The key players named in the lawsuit were Jeff Pulvino, Shane Barker, and James Sandison. Their crime? Falsely claiming they could help troubled homeowners faced with foreclosure and the housing crisis, by going after the lending scam artists who provided them with bad loans. They claimed to be experts on predatory lending and preyed on desperate homeowners with little to no means of escaping foreclosure. 

The outcome? As indicated by the official court documents, civil lawsuits, nationwide news reports (here and here), testimonials from various victims on, and, and complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, US Loan Auditors would overcharge on a loan audit report, and tell the desperate homeowners they had a case against their lending scam artists, keep charging the victims a monthly rate of $1500. Either it would take them months to actually submit paperwork to the court, or they simply wouldn't return voicemails or acknowledge clients' requests to cancel payments.

CBS Local's "Call Kurtis Investigates" did a TV investigation on US Loan Auditors here:

According to the official court document, Jeff Pulvino was not an attorney or an authorized real estate salesman, thus he wasn't in any legal capacity to be able to offer professional advice on homeowners' mortgage or loans. Furthermore he was denied his license by the certification board due to his criminal record including multiple DUIs, driving on a suspended license, and attempted grand theft. 
James was an attorney who had strikes on his record from previous infringements, and became officially disbarred in 2011. 

"Sandison stipulated to disbarment, admitting he misappropriated more than $68,000 from Comcast and another $56,388 from a client, and by allowing a resigned lawyer to use his name and client trust account while holding himself out as as attorney.

He opened trust and business accounts without his partner’s knowledge, misused those accounts, and did not maintain a proper balance. Although he paid out some funds to Comcast, he misappropriated $68,332.07. He did repay $33,000 of that amount. He also misappropriated $56,388.82 in legal fees to which his partner was entitled."

One of the Questionable Marketing Firms Sacramento Should Be Cautious Of?

Now, this brings us to the present day in 2013. The same individual gentlemen named in the lawsuit Jeff Pulvino, Shane Barker, and James Sandison started another social media marketing company named Creatine Marketing located in 3840 Rosin Ct, Sacramento, CA. Their company is driven by profits from multi level marketing scams that each of the owners participate in.

Shane Barker, now a former chief Marketing Officer of Creatine Marketing now runs his own marketing company, Modera. Jennifer Mount, former Executive Assistant at US Loan Auditors now works as a co-founder of Creatine Marketing. Daniel Fleetwood, former Vice President of Sales at US Loan Auditors, now also operates as a co-founder of Creatine Marketing.

Now why is this relevant? Let me reference former US Loan Auditors accountant, Paula Sontra's legal affidavit from back in October, 2010

“I was also told by Pulvino that he, Barker, and Sandison are planning to start several new companies, and that they are planning to hide any association between these new companies and their individual names because of their "bad credit history," and especially Sandison's name because of the bar issues," by which I assume he meant the disciplinary charges for embezzlement and other misconduct that the State Bar recently filed against Sandison.

I was told by Pulvino they would like to form these new companies quickly and that
they will be Nevada corporations. I was also told that they would prefer to establish each one as a separate entity because if legal issues arise with one or more of them, the others could be kept going. Pulvino told me that they may obtain a separate office space for each company, preferably different suites in the same building.”

Sure enough, flash forward to 2013, Jeff Pulvino is a co-founder of CreatineMarketing, without any public acknowledgment on the website's team page, and Shane Barker and Jeff Pulvino are publicly listed as reputation management "clients". The company's business license is a Nevada business license under the name of Next Level Ideas, Inc and listed under Daniel Fleetwood, former Vice President of Sales at US Loan Auditors. 

Who is Creatine Marketing? feat. Nicolas Fordham & James Sandison

James Sandison, a now disbarred attorney, works in the "legal department" at Creatine Marketing. His name is also nowhere on the company's website. The company (as shown in the second video) are preparing to use two separate office spaces in the same building at 3840 Rosin Court. The man shown in the video Nicolas Fordham, runs and X-treme Biz, MXSWeb's affiliate marketing program.

Creatine Marketing is now housing members of Organo Gold, Visalus, and X-treme Biz, all affiliate marketing schemes with questionable business practices. Jeff Pulvino, Daniel Fleetwood, Robert Black, and Patrick A. Weller all operate parts of Organo Gold whilst working under Creatine Marketing. Interesting enough, Organo Gold had claims filed against them by the Federal Trade Commission for its false health claims. 

Creatine Marketing's domain name was set up in October 1st, 2010, around the same time the owners of US Loan Auditors were publicly handling their lawsuit and subsequent bankruptcy, so as Paula Sontra officially stated, Jeff Pulvino made the immediate move to establish Creatine Marketing after the downfall of US Loan Auditors:
     "Registered through:, LLC (
Created on: 01-Oct-10
Expires on: 01-Oct-13
Last Updated on: 15-Jan-13
     Next Level Ideas"

They advertise for sales rep positions on Craigslist:
"Creatine Marketing is looking to hire experienced and aggressive B2B sales representatives IMMEDIATELY! No direct marketing experience is necessary.

Real Estate, Loan Officer, Mortgage, Car Sales, Computer Sales, and any B2B Sales experience is all preferred."

Now given the business owners' history with US Loan Auditors it seems suspicious that candidates with real estate experience would be preferred for one of the supposed best social marketing companies with no real public ties to the real estate industry. What would the "leading experts in social media marketing" want to do with former real estate salesmen?

SNAP Social and X-Treme Biz: Just Another Multilevel Marketing Scheme

Snap Social Logo
SNAP Social is a social media aggregate platform that Creatine Marketing supposedly developed with the help of professionals in India, and one that they plan to sell via a multilevel marketing scheme. The truth? While the owners and sales reps at Creatine Marketing falsely tell people that they developed their own "original" platform, the third party tool actually comes as a courtesy of Sendible. For $99 a month, Sendible allows businesses to white label the tool and re-brand it for the purpose of reselling it to clients.

SNAP Social and X-Treme Biz original presentation
SNAP Social and X-Treme Biz Platform demonstrated by Robert Black
SNAP Social and X-Treme Biz Platform
Sendible Dashboard is identical to X-treme Biz
Sendible: Look Familiar?
Other shady business practices Creatine Marketing employs? Creatine Marketing uses unlicensed Microsoft and Adobe software on their company computers such as the Windows operating systems and the Adobe Creative Suite.

Although the industry that these individuals have shifted to is different, the tricks are the same. Jeff Pulvino, Daniel Fleetwood, Jennifer Carr Mount, and James Sandison, all former employees of US Loan Auditors, now work under the same roof again under the guise of Creatine Marketing. If they manage to fool you with their smoke and mirrors, then they truly are "experts" at reputation management.

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  1. The key players named in the lawsuit were Jeff Pulverize Shane Barker and James Sandi son.was also told that they would prefer to establish each one as a separate entity because if legal issues arise with one or more of them,creatine