About Us

whistleYou may wonder who we are and why we have created this site focusing on Creatine Marketing and written what we've written. We are not here to convince anyone of anything. While we believe those listed here are predators and criminals, our motives are only to provide information to those searching for it.

Nothing here is made up, and we’ve made the upmost attempt to provide only credible facts. Read the facts. There many public documents available, but most only if you know where to look. That’s what we intend to provide.

You may doubt our credibility, but our identities will not change anything. Please examine these official documents and make an educated decision once you know the facts. Would you not rather make a decision with more information than less?

You might doubt us, blame us, or hate us, but we are providing a service for those who want to know more. Suffice it to say, we’re concerned citizens sounding an alarm, with hopes that Sacramento businesses can avoid being victimized at a time when business growth is so important for the Sacramento community.