Friday, June 14, 2013

Relaxing Vacation Home

Creatine Marketing's Service Claims

Client Description
Services Provided: Logo Design, Business Card Design
Creatine Marketing Client Page Capture 6/14/13
The owner of this unique property contacted us to marketing his property in the wine country. It was untapped wine country that needed to get some exposure. It is located in the Sierra Nevada hills that have some of the world’s best kept secrets.
Who is Relaxing Vacation Home?
If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday routine, come enjoy the mountains in comfort and style. Whether you want to escape with your honey, explore with your family, or live it up with some friends, the Bear Lodge can provide all you need.


Services Provided:
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Website Design

Shadiness Factors

  • Relaxing Vacation Home's logo design is actually a commonly used graphic not designed by Creatine Marketing.
  • Relaxing Vacation Home's website is well over two years old, but is filled with dummy text and stockphotos in place of actual content. It's quite obvious that the website has never been finished or used.
  • Website design is nearly identical to stock template shown below. There's no real content in the site, it's difficult to attribute Creatine Marketing with the design work.

Powered by Creatine Marketing

Website built is actually customizable Wordpress theme named "TheProfessional", available for $39 at Elegant Themes.
Snapshot of Relaxing Vacation Home's website Snapshot of TheProfessional Theme demo page

We admit that it is possible that the business arrangement between Creatine Marketing and this company may have changed or not be fully expressed as we have shown here. If we have incorrect information or you wish to clarify the information posted here, please feel free to contact us with the necessary information.

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