Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Creatine Marketing: A Suspicious Company With Equally Untrustworthy Clients

Marty DePaoli of Axis Energy Partners

a Client with a Fraudulent Past
The owners of Sacramento marketing company - Creatine Marketing made the drastic switch from the real estate sphere to the social media marketing world after facing highly publicized lawsuits from their prior fraudulent engagements and deceptive practices with US Loan Auditors. Unsurprisingly, as a local Sacramento marketing company in the present, Creatine Marketing has a list of dubious clients with similarly shady business practices who consult them for reputation management services to erase their pasts from the internet.
Dr. Marty DePaoli is the owner COO of Axis Energy Partners - a client of Creatine Marketing who benefits from their services. According to Axis Energy Partners' website, Marty DePaoli 'worked in the medical field for 20 years'. Quite the career change right? But wait hang on a minute, it also seems all too familiar given the company owners' trajectory from real estate loan auditing to online marketing within a year. Interestingly enough, Marty DePaoli was arrested along with his partner for insurance fraud that they committed while operating their chiropractic clinic in 2004.
"Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi said questionable business practices at the chiropractic clinic and at a Las Vegas management company involved alleged illegal kickbacks, overcharges and phony insurance claims." Gilbert Chan from SacBee.com wrote in the Business section. Marty DePaoli along with his partner received misdemeanor charges, and DePaoli faced 90 days of sheriff work and imprisonment.

Axis Energy obviously purchased fans Reputation Management to Mask Marty DePaoli's Previous Shady Business Practices

3 owners from Creatine Marketing leverage social media to boost Axis Energy Partners' visibility and credibility much like they have learned to harness the potential of social media for their own reputation management. Jeff Pulvino, Daniel Fleetwood, and Robert Black Jr., co-founders of Creatine Marketing help to promote an article written by one of their staff members.
Here's a description of "reputation management" services that the company offers:
"The real "meat" of the campaign, where we use our SEO expertise to generate positive reviews, and push aside the neutral / negative ones."
What exactly does Creatine Marketing mean by 'generating positive reviews to push aside neutral or negative ones'? Despite their claims, the only indication of their reputation management work comes from the owners writing positive comments on behalf of their clients, as well as providing the only interaction with their clients' social media pages. In this specific example, "CM Sacramento" is the only account liking Axis Energy Partners Facebook postings, and in the case of Daniel Fleetwood's public endorsement, the 3 likes come from Marty DePaoli (the owner himself), Axis Energy Partners (the company), and Daniel Fleetwood.
Axis Energy Partners is only one of several clients to benefit from the dishonest and suspicious business practices of Sacramento marketing company - Creatine Marketing - thus reader beware, while the company claims to be a successful online marketing company, don't let their self-promotion tactics fool you.

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