Sunday, June 2, 2013


SwigTix website has for at least 6 months been a countdown to release, but the release date is always weeks away. There is little or no online presence and most all social media has been silent since mid February. Not a good sign for business less than a year old, and poor evidence of Creatine Marketing's success in "establishing an online presence".

Creatine Marketing's Service Claims

Client Description
Services Provided: Social Media Management, Social Media Profile Creation, Video Animation, Prezi Development, Business Cards
Creatine Marketing Client Page Capture 6/01/13
Wanting help establishing an online presence, Swig Tix hired us to create and manage their social media accounts with the goal of engaging users and building a loyal fan following. In addition to social media management, Swig Tix also entrusted us in developing their animation videos and Prezi presentations.
Swig Tix was formed on August 2012 by a collaborative group of sophisticated, social life enthusiasts with over twenty years’ experience in nightlife management, entertainment, finance, and entrepreneurship.

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Services Provided:
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Profile Creation
  • Video Animation
  • Prezi Development
  • Business Cards

Shadiness Factors

  • Little to no online presence, and mostly not current.
  • LLC Manager is actually real estate agent offering short sale and loan modification services, hardly the nightlife management expertise claimed
  • Release date has been pushed back for months
  • No animation work to be found, despite service listed
  • Social Media accounts have low follower numbers, and high webspammer percentages (fake or low interaction followers), and virtually no diverse interaction (same few people on any posts)
SwigTix Website Countdown timer never reaches 0

Social Media Activity

All social media profiles have been completely inactive for months

Powered by Creatine Marketing

Website built is actually customizable Wordpress theme named Blend, available for $30 at Themeforest.
Snapshot of Swigtix website Snapshot of theme demo page

We admit that it is possible that the business arrangement between Creatine Marketing and this company may have changed or not be fully expressed as we have shown here. If we have incorrect information or you wish to clarify the information posted here, please feel free to contact us with the necessary information.

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